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DGE&T has two Foremen Training Institutes (FTIs) at Bangalore and Jamshedpur.  The institute at Bangalore was set up in 1970 in collaboration with technical and financial assistance from the State of Baden Wuerttemberg of Federal Republic of Germany for technological and behavioural upgradation of supervisory skills.  The State of Baden Wuerttemberg since inception of the institute has provided a total assistance of DM 8.15 million till the end of 1997  in terms of equipment, German expert services and training of faculty.  The Objective of the Institute is:

                      to train the existing and potential shop-floor foremen and supervisors in technical and managerial skills through long-term and short-term courses.  

  • The objectives inter-alia include consciousness of better quality and productivity, ability for problem solving, cost reduction, and application of modern technology etc.    The institute besides, offering regular courses on Diploma and Post Diploma in Foremanship also offers short-term courses as well as Tailor- made courses suiting to the needs of industries. 

  •   In order to cope up with the changing industrial scenario, the Institute entered into an agreement with the State of Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany under which training facilities in the areas like CAD, CNC technology, Welding, Engineering Instrumentation and Metrology, Pneumatics, Electro-pneumatic etc. are being upgraded.  Under the agreement, financial assistance to the tune of DM 0.75 million for the period 1995-2000 is being provided.  Sophisticated equipment worth      Rs. 0.54 million has been received at the institute during 1998 &1999 for upgrading/establishing of Electrical/Electronics and CAD laboratories.  A large number of public and private sector establishments and other Governmental Organisations have availed of the training facilities for the training of their supervisory personnel.

  •   Another Foremen Training Institute at Jamshedpur was established in October, 1982. This Institute is offering short-term courses in the areas of Production Planning and Management, Quality Control, Basic Electronics and Supervisory Development and has been functioning on a limited scale in a portion of a building of Government polytechnic.  Although land for setting up of the institute has been obtained, due to resource constraints its own building could not be constructed.