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Hitech Training Scheme is one of the schemes of the erstwhile World Bank assisted Vocational Training Project. The scheme is now being continued for implementation with Government of India funding. Following institutes are conducting courses under the Hitech Scheme :

The objective of the Hitech scheme is to produce trained personnel with the range of skills necessary to meet the requirements of industry, commerce and domestic consumers in the application of electronics, computer and the modern production system.

Short-term Courses of 2-3 weeks duration  in the following Hitech areas are envisaged  / being implemented in the ATIs / ATI-EPI for the industries / Public Sector Undertakings / Government organizations / Trainers from the institutes/industries etc. :

Sl.No.. ATI                                                    Courses
Mechanical Electronics
1. CHENNAI CAD/CAM, CNC & Control Technology MC & PLCs
2. MUMBAI CAD/CAM, CNC & Control Technology MC & PLCs
3. HYDERABAD CAD/CAM, CNC & Control Technology   -
4. KANPUR CAD/CAM, CNC & Control Technology   -
5. LUDHIANA CAD/CAM, CNC & Control Technology   -
6. HOWRAH CAD/CAM, CNC & Control Technology   -
7. EPI-HYDERABAD   - MC & PLCs, Consumer Electronics Medical Electronics, Maintenance of PCs & Peripherals.

With the infrastructure created so far in the ATIs, the institutes are broadly conducting courses in the following areas :

        * Advanced Programming & operation on CNC Vertical Machining Centers (VMC - 500 FANUC Control)

        * Advanced Programming & operation on CNC  Horizontal Machining Center (HMC 500S - SINUMERIK Control).

        * Auto CAD 2000/ Mechanical Desktop version 4.0

        * Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) with Master CAM-V8

        * Maintenance of PLC based Hydraulics & Pneumatic Machine Tools.

        * 3D Solid modeling with MDT - V5.

Since FY 2000-2001,  ATIs have trained 1500 persons under the Hitech scheme.

The scheme also envisages setting up of Apex Hitech Institute, Bangalore as a resource center for Computer Aided and integrated technologies to serve National / International  market. The institute  is presently functioning with the limited infrastructure created in the campus of  another DGET institute, Foremen Training Institute, Bangalore and is conducting short term courses mainly in the following areas :

        * 8051/8031 Micro controller & its Applications.

        * AutoCAD 2002-MDT-6

        * PLCs [Allan Bradley]- Programming & Applications.

        * 8085 Microprocessor & its Applications.