The primary purpose of vocational training is tp prepare individuals especially the youth in the age group of 15-25 years for the world of work and make them employable for a broad group of occupation. The main vocational training schemes comprises of Craftsman Training, Apprenticeship training, Training for Skilled workers, Crafts instructions, Supervisors etc.

        Craftsmen Training Scheme through in ITIs and Apprenticeship Training Scheme (mainly in industrial setting) are the two major schemes. Those who successfully complete CTS are generally perceived to be semi-skilled and ATS is expected to produce skilled workers. In ATS, there is a scheme for rebate in case relevant ITI training has been successfully completed.

        Development of training programmes at the national level, particularly in the area concerning common policies, common standards and procedures.

        Training of instructors.

        Trade testing and certification.

        Vocational training in some of the specialized areas, including training of women through the field institutes under its direct control.

        Research in vocational training and development of instructional material.

        Implementation of Apprentices Act, 1961 in respect of trade apprentices in the Central Govt. Establishments.