The Employment Directorate


The Directorate of Employment in Directorate General of Employment and Training is the Apex Organisation at the national level responsible for :

Some of the main activities of the Employment Directorate are as follows:

  1. Assessment and Monitoring of employment, unemployment and labour force in the country.

While planning and policy formulation for the employment generation through national Five Year Plan are the responsibility of the Planning Commission, actual implementation of various schemes within the frame-work of the National Plan are being carried out by various Ministries/Organisations. The Assessment and monitoring of the employment generation taking place in various sectors of the economy, un-employment situation prevailing in the country, labour force and its growth etc are being carried out Ministry of Labour & Employment by obtaining data from various sources. As per the Allocation of Business by the Parliament, employment and unemployment except rural employment and unemployment are the responsibility of the Ministry of Labour & Employment. Therefore all Parliament matters relating to employment, unemployment, labour force for the country as a whole are attended to by the Directorate of Employment.

  1. National Employment Service.

    National Employment Service functions within the conceptual frame-work of the ILO Convention No.88 on "Organisation of Employment Services". It functions through the network of Employment Exchanges administratively and financially run by the State Government. Development of programme at the national level, particularly in the area of evolving uniform policies, laying down of common standards and procedures. Training of officers and evaluation of the programme are the responsibilities of the Employment Directorate of DGET.

    National Employment Service operates through the Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act 1959 and rules framed there of. The main functions carried through the Employment Exchanges are:

A Series of publications are published on the basis of information collection through the network of National Employment Service. Some of these are:

  1. Employment Exchange statistics.

  2. Quick estimate of employment in the organized sector.

  3. Quarterly employment review.

  4. Annual employment review.

  5. Educational and occupational pattern of employment.

  6. Census of central government employees.

  7. Bulletin of job opportunities.

  8. Apprenticeship Training in India.

    Employment market information programme and the Central Institute for Research and Training in Employment Service, are of special significance in the National Employment Service.

  1. Vocational Rehabilitation of persons with disability.

Seventeen Vocational Rehabilitation Centres for handicapped are at present functioning in the country and out of these, Vocational Rehabilitation Centre at Vadodara has been set up exclusively for handicapped women. These Centres evaluate the residual capacity of the handicapped and provide them with adjustment training facilitating their early rehabilitation both in wage paid and self-employment.

  1. Coaching-cum-Guidance to Scheduled castes/scheduled tribes.

In order to provide Employment related Coaching-cum-Guidance to SCs/STs Jobseekers, 22 Coaching-cum-Guidance Centres are at present functioning in the country. These Centres also provide information on job requirements and types of tests/interviews they are likely to undergo when called by the employers.