Vocational Guidance and Employment Counselling Programme


To cater to the Educational and Vocational Guidance needs of the students and job-seekers the Vocational Guidance and Employment Counselling programme as an integral part of National Employment Service was formulated in the year 1956 under the technical guidance of ILO and has been in operation since 1957.  




            The main objective of the Vocational Guidance and Employment Counselling Programme is to render continuous assistance to individuals in preparing to choose, change and adjust occupational life; generate awareness and appreciation of the realities of the Employment Market; collaborate or co-operate with other agencies in the field  to stimulate and promote joint efforts to enhance their employability. 




            Directorate General of Employment & Training  in the Ministry of Labour is providing the necessary guidance and employment counselling services to the job-seekers and the students through the network of 938 Employment Exchanges functioning under the administrative control of the respective States/Union Territory Governments in general and specialised services by trained personnel through 360 Vocational Guidance Units set up in the District Employment Exchanges and 82 University Employment Information and Guidance Bureaux functioning in the Universities in particular. The programme include rendition of different Vocational Guidance and Employment Counselling Services to the Job-seekers visiting Employment Exchanges and University Employment Information and Guidance Bureaux, on individual and group basis.


Individual Guidance Programme consists of discussions of Vocational Plans and Problems of Guidance Seekers at length taking into account their Educational Qualifications, Intelligence, Aptitudes, Interests and Socio-economic background etc. on the one hand and Job Requirements, Employment Market Conditions, Trends etc., on the other.  It also consists of providing information about Occupational and Training facilities, Scholarships, Self-Employment Opportunities etc., on individual basis.


            The Group Guidance Programme consists of group discussions/talks in which information pertaining to Employment Opportunities and Training facilities etc., is rendered to homogeneous groups of applicants.  The programme is further supplemented by occupational talks by outside persons/experts such as Recruiting Officers, Personnel Officers of Local Organisations or industries.


            Each Employment Exchange with a Vocational Guidance Unit and University Employment Information and Guidance Bureaux maintains one Occupational Information Room, wherein information pertaining to Educational and Training facilities, job opportunities, Employment Trends, etc., is displayed in the form of posters, charts, prospectus etc. 


In addition, the UEIGBx are expected to perform some special functions like organising career conferences/exhibitions/seminars/career campaigns etc. to disseminate occupational information; coaching classes to develop desired level of skills, speed and knowledge to increase their employability by preparing the students for competitive examinations / interviews conducted by various recruiting agencies like UPSC, SSC, LIC, etc.; motivating and assisting the alumni to opt for self employment; setting up of admission time guidance booths ; conducting and organising campus recruitment programmes. 


Vocational Guidance is a continuous process of assisting the individual, starting from school stage and therefore, forms part of guidance services of educational institutions.  For rendering this service in schools specially trained staff known as counsellors and career masters are provided by the educational authorities.  A close co-operation between employment service and educational authorities is essential for the success of vocational guidance programme.  Therefore, the employment officers are required to maintain effective co-ordination with the Educational Institutions to cater to the guidance needs of the students.