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The following four components of polytechnics under “Sub-Mission on Polytechnics under the Coordinated Action for Skill Development” have been transferred from Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) in 2017 to Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) and to Directorate General of Training (DGT) in September 2018.

Letter regarding transfer of scheme from MHRD to MSDE dt. 05th July, 2017 PDF Image  305.49 KB

Letter regarding transfer of scheme from MSDE to DGT dt. 05th September, 2018 PDF Image  161.57 KB


  1. Setting Up of New Polytechnics in Un-served & Underserved Districts 

Under  this scheme,  300  new  polytechnics  are  being  set  up  by  the  State Governments/  Union  Territories in un-served and underserved districts  with  assistance  from  Government  of  India limited   to   Rs.12.3 crore   per   polytechnic   to   meet   the   capital   costs   of  establishing a polytechnic.

Central Government provides the grant to meet the non-recurring costs as under:

i.   Civil Works                                                                                   =  Rs  8.00 crore            

  ii.  Equipment/Machinery/Library Books/ Furniture/Vehicle             =  Rs  4.30 crore

Total (per Polytechnic)                                                                    = Rs. 12.30 crore

Whereas the State Government shall provide the land required as per AICTE   Norms,   free   of   cost,   for   setting   up   the   Polytechnic,   the   State Government  shall  also  meet  any  additional  requirement  of  non-recurring expenditure  over  and  above  the  ceilings  of  Rs.  12.30 crores.  Further,  it  shall  also  be  the  responsibility  of  the  State Government  to  bear  all  the  recurring expenditure in running the polytechnic. The  State  Government  will  identify  the  location  for  the  proposed polytechnics  under  the  Scheme  in  the  selected  districts.

Guidelines for the sub Component "Setting up of New Polytechnics" PDF Image  1.92 MB

  1. Central assistance for Construction of Women's Hostels in selected  Polytechnics

In order to enhance women enrolment in polytechnic education, the Scheme for Construction of Women’s Hostels in selected Polytechnics was introduced in the 11th Plan.  The scheme envisages financial assistance subject to a maximum of Rs. 1.00 crore for each polytechnic, to be provided to 500 existing AICTE approved Government / Government aided Polytechnics, for the construction of women’s hostel.


  1. Central assistance for up-gradation of  selected Polytechnics

Under this scheme, financial assistance is provided by Government of India to upgrade infrastructure facilities of 500 existing diploma level public funded Polytechnics by (i) providing financial assistance for modern equipments and by replacement of obsolete equipments, (ii) providing modern facilities for application of IT in teaching, learning and testing processes and (iii) introduction of new diploma courses.  The Scheme provides for Central assistance to 500 polytechnics, upto ₹2.00 crores per Polytechnic.


  1. Scheme of Community Development Through Polytechnics (CDTP) 

CDTP scheme envisages providing non formal, short term, employment oriented skill development programmes, through AICTE approved Polytechnics, to various sections of the community, particularly the rural, unorganized & disadvantaged sections of the society, to enable them to obtain gainful self / wage employment. Duration of training usually ranges from three to six months. These courses are being offered by the Polytechnics in their premises, as well as through extension centres, set up in nearby locations, from where, these courses can be offered to the local community. No fee is charged from the trainees under this Scheme and there is no restriction of age and qualification for the trainees.

Recurring grant upto Rs. 17.00 lakh per polytechnic per annum is provided by Central Government.

Guidelines for the sub-component “CDTP” PDF Image  404.66 KB

State-wise List of Polytechnics under CDTP Scheme   PDF Image  8 MB


Detailed Expenditure upto March, 2018 in respect of sub-components

  1. Setting up of new Polytechnics PDF Image  2.95 MB
  2. Up gradation of existing Polytechnics PDF Image  9.37 MB
  3. Construction of Women Hostel in selected Polytechnics PDF Image  9.01 MB




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