Directorate General of Training (DGT)

Government of India

Designated trades for Trade Apprentices with syllabus

List of designated trades under the Apprentices Act, 1961
Name of the trade  
Fitter PDF Image  487.72 KB  
Turner PDF Image  439.12 KB  
Machinist PDF Image  906.83 KB  
Machinist (Grinder) PDF Image  893.48 KB  
Electrician PDF Image  418.06 KB  
Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) PDF Image  584.39 KB  
Electronics Mechanic PDF Image  470.97 KB  
Lineman PDF Image  1.19 MB  
Wireman PDF Image  1.08 MB  
Furniture & Cabinet Maker  
Plumber PDF Image  1.08 MB  
Mechanic (Marine Diesel)  
Marine Engine Fitter PDF Image  794.2 KB  
Technician(Automotive Manufacturing) PDF Image  921.31 KB  
Tractor Mechanic PDF Image  339.76 KB  
Pattern Maker PDF Image  1001.13 KB  
Painter General PDF Image  1.18 MB  
Driver-cum- Mechanic LMV PDF Image  857.04 KB  
Foundryman PDF Image  889.73 KB  
Carpenter PDF Image  1.32 MB  
Sheet Metal Worker PDF Image  858.3 KB  
Welder (Gas & Electric) PDF Image  1.09 MB  
Mason (Building Constructor) PDF Image  942.65 KB  
Sports Good Maker (Wood)  
Auto Mechanic (Two Wheeler/ Three Wheeler)  
Book Binder  
Tailor (General) PDF Image  244.85 KB  
Leather Goods Maker  
Footwear Maker  
Finished Leather Maker  
Gas Cutter  
Ceramic Moulder PDF Image  1.03 MB  
Ceramic Caster PDF Image  1.03 MB  
Ceramic Kiln Operator  
Ceramic Press Operator  
Ceramic Decorator  
Cutting and Sewing Machine Operator` PDF Image  489.29 KB  
Moulder Refractory PDF Image  956.84 KB  
Painter Marine  
Operator Coal Handling Equipment PDF Image  944.05 KB  
Operator Locomotive and Rail Cranes in Steel Plant PDF Image  932.26 KB  
Operator Material Handling at Raw Material Handling Plant PDF Image  976.53 KB  
Operator Coke Ovens Battery Equipments PDF Image  934.06 KB  
Operator Blast Furnace Iron Making Equipments PDF Image  974.62 KB  
Operator Steel Melting Equipments PDF Image  934.64 KB  
Operator Sinter Plant Equipment PDF Image  938.98 KB  
Operator Rolling Mills Equipment (Long Products) PDF Image  953.18 KB  
Tailor (Men) PDF Image  244.68 KB  
Tailor(Women) PDF Image  245.61 KB  
Jewel Smith PDF Image  839.92 KB  
Glass Former and Processor  
Old Age Care Taker  
Sanitary Hardware Fitter PDF Image  970.26 KB  
Tenter (Drawing Speed/ Fly Frames)  
Winder (Textile)  
Printing Textile  
Barber/Hair Cutter/Dresser  
Tyre Repairer  
Pruner Tea Gardens  
Electrician Aircraft PDF Image  339.8 KB  
Tool & Die Maker (Die & Mould) PDF Image  912.67 KB  
Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixture) PDF Image  937.33 KB  
Mechanic (Earth Moving Machinery) PDF Image  335.68 KB  
Mechanic (Instrument Aircraft) PDF Image  1.05 MB  
Power Electrician PDF Image  361.01 KB  
Plastic Mould Maker PDF Image  930.19 KB  
Mechanic Radio and Radar Aircraft PDF Image  912.39 KB  
Operator Cum Mechanic (Power Plant) PDF Image  923.65 KB  
Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance PDF Image  903.58 KB  
Offset Machine Minder  
Forger & Heat Treater PDF Image  922.22 KB  
Optical Worker  
Information and Communication Technology System Maintenance PDF Image  1.04 MB  
Mechanic Maintenance (Textile Machinery)  
Shipwright (Steel)  
Mechanic (Dairy Maintenance)  
Mechanic Maintenance (Chemical Plant) PDF Image  1017.21 KB  
Material Handling Equipment-Cum-Operator PDF Image  921.09 KB  
Instrument Mechanic PDF Image  1.02 MB  
Mechanic Watch and Clock  
Mechanic Diesel PDF Image  332.46 KB  
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic PDF Image  354.07 KB  
Construction Machinery Mechanic-Cum-Operator PDF Image  1.31 MB  
Draughtsman (Civil) PDF Image  973.71 KB  
Draughtsman(Mechanical) PDF Image  864.11 KB  
Surveyor PDF Image  1011.29 KB  
Fitter Structural PDF Image  1.15 MB  
Boiler Attendant PDF Image  1.07 MB  
Mechanic Mining Machinery  
Switch Board Attendant PDF Image  362.18 KB  
Lino Operator  
Mono Keyboard Operator  
Process Cameraman  
Retoucher Lithographic  
Sirdar (Colliery)  
Mate (Mines)  
Attendant Operator (Chemical Plant) PDF Image  1.15 MB  
Instrument Mechanic (Chemical Plant) PDF Image  1.47 MB  
Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant) PDF Image  878.57 KB  
Mechanic (Agriculture Machinery) PDF Image  874.7 KB  
Maintenance Mechanic for Leather Machinery  
Insulator Maker/ Machine Operator (Ceramic) PDF Image  898.23 KB  
Pipe Fitter PDF Image  1.05 MB  
Shipwright (Wood) PDF Image  1.02 MB  
Brick Layer (Refractory)  
Food Production (General) PDF Image  360.89 KB  
Steam Turbine Cum Auxiliary Plant Operator PDF Image  944.54 KB  
Electrical Winder PDF Image  1.48 MB  
Cable Jointer PDF Image  322.78 KB  
Electrician (Mines)  
Electroplater PDF Image  366.09 KB  
Mechanic-cum-Operator Electronics Communication System  
Mechanic Television (Video)  
Attendant Operator (Dairy)  
Mechanic Radio and T.V.  
Mechanic Medical Electronics PDF Image  1.07 MB  
Mechanic Consumer Electronics PDF Image  824.93 KB  
Mechanic (Lift and Escalator) PDF Image  1.05 MB  
Dental Laboratory Technician  
Shirts and Trousers Maker PDF Image  906.51 KB  
Motor Vehicle Body Builder PDF Image  869.48 KB  
Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics PDF Image  (file not found)  
Mono Castor Operator  
Plate Maker (Lithographic)  
Short firer/Blaster (Mines)  
Steward PDF Image  890.73 KB  
Baker and Confectionery  
Receptionist/ Hotel Clerk/Front Office Assistant PDF Image  705.19 KB  
Food Production (Vegetarian) PDF Image  549.59 KB  
Fiber Reinforced Plastic Processor PDF Image  1.17 MB  
Plastic Process Operator PDF Image  1.02 MB  
Designer and Master Cutter PDF Image  898.61 KB  
Dress Maker PDF Image  217.83 KB  
Embroidederer (Surface Ornamention Techniques) PDF Image  823.22 KB  
Horticulture Assistant PDF Image  984.42 KB  
Stockman (Dairy)  
Pump Operator Cum Mechanic PDF Image  910.61 KB  
Sports Goods Maker (Leather)  
Steel Melting Hand  
Crane Operator (Overhead Steel Industry) PDF Image  977.33 KB  
Furnace Operator (Steel Industry) PDF Image  969.65 KB  
Hair Cutter/Dresser PDF Image  (file not found)  
Health and Slimming Assistant PDF Image  716.95 KB  
Hair and Skin Carer PDF Image  (file not found)  
Enamel Glazer  
Fruit And Vegetable Processor  
Operator (Steel Plant) PDF Image  918.04 KB  
Mechanic Automobile (Advance Petrol Engine) PDF Image  973.64 KB  
Mechanic Automobile (Advance Diesel Engine) PDF Image  1.03 MB  
Mechanic Auto Electronics  
Mechanic (Denting, Painting and Welding)  
TIG/MIG Welder PDF Image  1003.45 KB  
Structural Welder PDF Image  1.07 MB  
Welder (Pipe and Pressure Vessels) PDF Image  979.78 KB  
Chemical Laboratory Assistant PDF Image  462.46 KB  
Advance Mechanic (Instruments)  
CAD-CAM Operator-cum-Programmer PDF Image  1.09 MB  
Advance Welder PDF Image  1.11 MB  
Jigs and Fixtures Maker  
Quality Assurance Assistant  
CNC Programmer cum Operator PDF Image  1.1 MB  
Operator PLC System  
Mechanic (Electrical Domestic Appliances) PDF Image  1.27 MB  
Mechanic (HT, LT Equipments and Cable Jointing) PDF Image  1.37 MB  
Mechanic (Electrical Power Drives) PDF Image  1.29 MB  
Mechanic (Embedded Systems and PLC) PDF Image  878.42 KB  
Mechanic Power Electronics (Inverters, UPS & Maintenance of Drives) PDF Image  872.3 KB  
Mechanic (DTH and other Communication System)  
Mechanic (Domestic, Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Machines) PDF Image  950.36 KB  
Mechanic (Central Air conditioning Plant, Industrial cooling and Package Air conditioning) PDF Image  949.47 KB  
Mechanic (Cold storage, Ice plant and Ice candy plant)  
Computer Aided Pattern Maker  
Fashion Designing Assistant  
Mechanic (Non-conventional Power Generation, Battery and Inverter) PDF Image  1.29 MB  
Mechanic Electrical Instruments PDF Image  993.14 KB  
Extrusion Machine Operator (Plastic) PDF Image  883.42 KB  
Injection Moulding Machine Operator PDF Image  888.65 KB  
Blow Moulding Machine Operator PDF Image  884.09 KB  
House Keeper (Hotel) PDF Image  800.94 KB  
Assistant Front Office Manager  
Apprentice Food Production (Cookery)  
Apprentice Food and Beverage Service (Stewardship)  
Computer and Peripherals Hardware Repair and Maintenance Mechanic PDF Image  1.17 MB  
Computer Networking Technician PDF Image  1.07 MB  
Multimedia and Web Page Designer PDF Image  1.15 MB  
Process Plant Operator  
Utility Operator PDF Image  997.74 KB  
Maintenance Mechanic  
Electrical Mechanic  
Instrument Controller PDF Image  1.03 MB  
Technician Fabricator  
Electrician (Steel Plant) PDF Image  1.39 MB  
Electronics Mechanic(Steel Plant) PDF Image  1.49 MB  
Fitter (Steel Plant) PDF Image  1023.54 KB  
Instrument Mechanic(Steel Plant) PDF Image  1.42 MB  
Mechanic Communication Equipment Maintenance PDF Image  880.73 KB  
Mechanic Radio, Audio, Video System and Appliances  
Mechanic Repair and Maintenance of Electronics Test Equipment PDF Image  874.28 KB  
Mechanic Automobile Electronics  
Mechanic Mechanical Maintenance (Industrial Automation)  
Mechanic Electrical Maintenance (Industrial Automation)  
PLC Operator PDF Image  1.03 MB  
Interior  Designer and  Decorator  PDF Image  650.66 KB  
Mechanic Repair and Maintenance of  Vehicles PDF Image  934.33 KB  
Mechanic Motorcycle PDF Image  907.89 KB  
House Keeper-cum Accommodation Assistant  
Knitter (Hosiery)  
Digital Photographer  
Architectural Assistant PDF Image  807.27 KB  
Mechanic Sewing Machine  
Senior Sales Person (Retail)  
Battery Repairer PDF Image  770.59 KB  
Lacquering and Powder Coating Operator  
Wood Handicrafts Worker  
House Keeper (Domestic)  
House Keeper (Institution)  
House Keeper (Corporate)  
Cabin/Room Attendant  
Computerized Embroidery Machine Operator & Digitizer PDF Image  717.55 KB  
Building Maintenance Technician PDF Image  990.27 KB  
Mechanic (Repair and Maintenance of Two Wheeler)  
Creche Management  
Pre or Preparatory School Management (Assistant)  
Creel Boy-Cum-Warper  
Screen Printing  
Beautician Assistant PDF Image  720.62 KB  
Technician Television and Audio System PDF Image  898.78 KB  
Customer Care Associate PDF Image  901.45 KB  
Sales Person (Retail) PDF Image  789.64 KB  
Operator Advanced Machine Tool Maintenance PDF Image  901.56 KB  
Mechanic Advanced Machine Tool Maintenance  
Mechanic Industrial Electronics PDF Image  1005.3 KB  
Mechanic Mechatronics PDF Image  1.03 MB  
Desk Top Publishing Operator PDF Image  1.08 MB  
Operator Cum Mechanic Pollution Control Equipment  
Mechanic Medical Equipment for Hospitals and Occupational Health Centre  
Assistant Fashion Designer(Garment) PDF Image  422.89 KB  
Computer Operator and Programming Assistant PDF Image  1.14 MB  
House Keeper (Hospital)  
Secretarial Assistant PDF Image  741.79 KB  
Stenographer (English) PDF Image  702.15 KB  
Stenographer (Hindi) PDF Image  701.11 KB  
Health Sanitary Inspector PDF Image  364.39 KB  
Florist and Landscaper  
Tourist Guide  
Insurance Agent  
Hospital Waste Management Assistant PDF Image  366.11 KB  
Library Assistant  
Medical Laboratory Technician (Pathology) PDF Image  350.32 KB  
Medical Laboratory Technician (Radiology) PDF Image  673.92 KB  
Medical Laboratory Technician (Cardiology) PDF Image  454.72 KB  
Medical Laboratory technician (Physiotherapy) PDF Image  489.43 KB  
Brew Master  
Advanced Attendant Operator (Process)  
Programming And Systems Administration Assistant  
Beautician PDF Image  721.76 KB  
Mechanic (Electrical Maintenance of Process Plant) PDF Image  1.28 MB  
Mechanic -Cum- Operator Electronic Communication System PDF Image  879.6 KB  
Rigger PDF Image  844.55 KB  


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